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Although religion often brings people together, many times there is a language barrier to overcome. How long is it feasible for a person to attend a religious service where he/she hardly understands what is being said? While it´s true that  it is not an easy task for houses of worship to offer multiple services for people who speak different languages, still these religious entities seek to bring people together in a tight-knit community that shares the same beliefs, not separate people because of language or culture.

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How can they do this when the community of believers is made up of people who speak different languages?

More and more churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious groups are acquiring simultaneous translation equipment to use in their services.  These systems allow the congregation to hear what the preacher is saying in their own language, in real time. The preacher speaks in English and through the use of a microphone and a small transmitter, an interpreter transmits the simultaneous translation to the listeners over an FM radio frequency. The listeners who do not speak English, hear the message through a wireless FM receiver tuned to the channel designated for their language.  The transmitter functions like a small radio station, but because the frequencies used are out of the range of commercial FM stations, there is little chance of interference.  In this way, English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, for example, can all attend the same service and hear everything that is said in their own languages.


We recommend FM technology because it allows simultaneous translation systems and ADA to be configured in very little time and it does not require any specialized knowledge.  An infrared system can also be set up, but this is more expensive and requires more components.

For more information, please read about the characteristics of the different simultaneous translation systems.

We offer different packages, which can be used to incorporate one or several languages into your house of worship.

The number of FM receivers is always expandable.
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customer reviews

Our translation team is thoroughly enjoying the new equipment that provides our Spanish speaking members, family, and friends with the worship service in their native language. They appreciate the simplicity of use of the transmitter and upgraded headset, and the members find the receivers straightforward to operate. As a whole, the system produces clear reproduction of the translator's voice with no radio frequency interference.

John F.
Northern Virginia Church of Christ


Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for all your help this evening. The equipment worked well and made the meeting a total success!!!
I appreciate your patience and help.

Norma C.
Spanish Translator

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