Translation Equipment for Schools and universities: PTA Meetigs, Parent's Night and School Programs

Translation Equipment for Education

Simultaneous translation equipment is crucial if your school has students of diverse backgrounds whose parents may not speak or understand English. Language and cultural differences as well as differences in educational attainment separating families and school staff can make communication and family participation in school activities difficult. This creates a large communication gap and support for your school can undermine bringing about collaboration with the parents.

Studies have long recognized the connection between family involvement and student success. This can be the crucial link to whether a student succeeds or not!! The most important part in succeeding bringing the parents into the fold maybe to purchase simultaneous translation equipment for events such as PTA meetings, Parent's Night, school programs and other events, or school board sessions.

For example, survey data show that parents who do not speak English at home are less likely to participate in school-based activities, and more likely to participate in fewer activities over the course of the school year (U.S. Department of Education, 1997). Still, many Title I schools with innovative leadership and creative, hard-working staff have found ways to bridge these differences and cultivate meaningful school-family partnerships. With the use of simultaneous interpretation equipment (also referred as simultaneous translation equipment), schools can provide translation services for parent involvement activities including school-home communications, parenting training, and participation in decision-making and school governance. Your school will be able to conduct all school-home communications and parent workshops and meetings in both Spanish and English as well as in other language of your choice.

Translation equipment for schools typically includes a transmitter with headband microphone, which the translator speaks into, and headsets with FM receivers for those needing translation. Depending on whether the event is on a fixed place such as a classroom, cafeteria or meeting room or if the people are moving around such as for tours of schools or for outdoor events, you may need a system with desktop transmitter or a tour-guide system with portable, battery transmitter.

For example, tour-guide systems are light, portable, and affordable alternatives to using sound booths and full-sized equipment. Tour-guide systems consist of a battery-operated pocket-sized transmitter and a headset with headband microphone. They are perfect for when the speaker/presenter needs to be mobile, or in a small conference setting, such as classrooms or small meeting rooms. Systems with desktop transmitters are still light and pretty portable but they are preferred for fixed lo2ations including large meeting rooms, auditoriums, or gymnasiums, since the coverage area is larger than in the case of tour-guide systems. They are also recommended when using a translation booth.
These translation systems can be easily stored with personal receivers in carrying cases when they are not in use.

At elementary schools the need to understand and be able to work with others grows as each year goes by. At the same time, the sound environment of a school is often demanding, particularly for pupils with a hearing loss. The many different background noises are amplified by hearing aids, making it harder to keep up during lessons. Wireless assistive listening devices complement hearing aids by filtering out disturbing background noise and enhancing speech. They enable pupils with a hearing loss to play a full part in both lessons and in other school related activities.
Typically, the cost of this equipment can range from $700s to $2600s and with the purchase of one or two systems, can be used throughout the entire district transferred between schools for specific events.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your school and would love to be able to speak to you in greater details to discuss your equipment needs and provide you with a detailed quotation. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our store for the best pricing in quality translation systems for your school.

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