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Simultaneous Translation

In today's world many business presentations, government meetings and personal events bring together individuals from a variety of different nationalities and backgrounds. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to communicate when these individuals speak different languages. With simultaneous translation no longer should language barriers prevent you, your business or your family and friends from attending a conference, religious ceremony or other gathering. First officially used in 1945 during the Nuremberg Trials, simultaneous translation allows an individual to watch a presentation where the speaker is presenting ins their native language (the source language), while an interpreter relays the information to them in their preferred language (the target language). Thanks to advances in technology and acoustic science simultaneous translation can now happen instantly, reducing the delay between the visual cues in a presentation and the actual interpretation of the audio. With simultaneous translation one individual can listen to the speaker in their desired target language, or an unlimited group of listeners can hear the audio at the same time. Advanced transmitters and receivers also make it easy to translate an audio source into several different languages simultaneously, or adapt to multiple speakers with different native (source) languages.

With simultaneous translation a translator, who understands both the source and target language, sits in a soundproof booth and relays translated messages to listeners in their target language simultaneously while the presenter speaks in their native language.

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Those who are listening to the translator hear them speak through individual receivers and headsets, which allow the translator to be heard easily and cleanly without blocking out ambient sound from the presentation. Unlike other types of translation, simultaneous translation gives those watching the presentation an instant understanding of the message being relayed without having to create lapse in the presentation for translation time. With the use of simultaneous translation listeners are able to understand the subtle nuances and idioms of the source language spoken by the presenter, which other types of translation may overlook. The equipment used in simultaneous translation can be wireless and portable, allowing listeners to move freely throughout a venue, as may be needed for walking tours or active training seminars.

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